From Belinda

Dearest Mariana, You have been on a major life journey with me. You helped me all the way through. You were pivotal at each step and I would not be in the wonderful place I am now without you xx Belinda … [Read more...]

From K, Australia

Your words are so empowering, you must write a book!  You have a gift to help others empower themselves.  A true born healer. K, Australia … [Read more...]

Tina, Melbourne

"Darling, you are phenomenal, fantastic, you haven't missed a beat. Blessings beautiful Lady" … [Read more...]


Mariana, Thank you so much! You are an amazing soul with a beautiful gift! Thank you for my reading and bringing my heart peace. … [Read more...]


Oh my goodness!! How on point and right was your reading. It was barely an hour after the reading that what you said came true. From giving such precise readings to always calming me down and making me feel more confident and positive. Thank you, Mariana. … [Read more...]

Anne, Western Australia (WA)

Mariana came into my life at the most perfect time. I found Mariana to be warm, compassionate and most of all very accurate and knowledgeable, with one prediction occurring within 2 days of my reading. As this was my first reading with Marian I was both nervous and a little hesitant and skeptical, however it was evident that Mariana really cares about her clients. It is clear she has a pure and … [Read more...]

Dawn Mitchell, NZ

You are a wonderful healer. And an amazing human. Dawn Mitchell, NZ … [Read more...]

S, Australia

You are a special woman & I will always be grateful to know you S, Australia … [Read more...]

E, Australia

Dear Mariana Thank you for the advice. K's personality is big, you are so right about that. In a reading awhile back, you said that "A man wants to take you by the hand and take you places...and that the other man in my life was too boring for me"....K wants to take me to many places in my area where I haven’t been camping.... how, you are amazing Mariana with your predictions … [Read more...]

L.M Zurich

Mariana is a gentle and kind soul who I'm proud to now consider a friend. After my first reading, she was able to intuitively pin point all the key areas of my life. 6 months down the line all of Mariana's prediction came true and at the time frame she mentioned. Quite remarkable. She helped me not only establish what the real issues were at my place of employment but also how best to deal with … [Read more...]