S, Melbourne

Oh Mariana, what would I do without you and your insightful advice! Mariana has been a friend and advisor for 15 years! I can tell you so many stories that Mariana has gotten right, time and time again. It is so helpful to acknowledge the energies and forces that run below the surface before jumping into conclusion, or we risk making the wrong choices. She helps us all to see the bigger picture. - I remember once before embarking on a legal battle, I asked Mariana if it was worth the fight. She said that the legal cost will only be “this much” and „you will be pleased with the outcome, the objector will not relent“, so this would be the only way. I could have run around in circles trying to appease the objector. Or I could have given up because I didn’t want to spend the money which I was quoted for $5000 higher. Four months later, I got the WIN at the tribunal AND the legal bill was reduced by exactly $5000 because I cut out one of the consultants! How did she know that! Speaking with Mariana gave me the confidence to go forward and I am so glad I did. - Another true story that I would like to share is about when I opened a small business. Mariana said the spirit of my father, George, was with me and he was thankful to me for continuing his legacy. At the time, I was so overwhelmed by the work in setting up the business that I completely forgot this would have been the same type of business that George was planning to open up before he died! Years later, I rang Mariana and simply asked her, “what could you pick up around me?” She replied, “George is with you now and he says you have done enough, it’s time to sell the business” Guess what? I was approached by a local shop owner for negotiation only a few hours prior to me calling Mariana! - There are many more examples of how Mariana just “knows” and she is quick to provide the advice and wisdom for me to “untangle” my mind, giving me clarity in every situation. I have noticed the way she gives her readings nowadays: it  is even more instinctive and responsive. She can tune into the energies spontaneously with very little input from me. She rarely relies on the use of “aids” such as tarot cards or crystals. One of Mariana’s mottos that I live by is “why create a problem before it becomes one”. Thank you, Mariana. A true friend forever.