E.P., Queensland 

December 2015 I saw Mariana for the second time after having her so accurate the first time.  I wrote down over 20 things she predicted and they all came true. I put the paper away and re-read it a year later and literally ticked off each prediction.  I like to see her at least once every two years which I did again January 2018; so let’s see what comes of this…  Mariana is like seeing … Read More

Y, Australia

Hey Mariana - how are you going? I was just listening to an old recording of one of our sessions many moons ago. Guess what? You described this new job I have now to the tee "in a standalone building in town, possibly mining, with a global reach!! You truly have a wonderful gift and an amazing insight. I hope all is well in your life. Hugs Y, Australia … Read More

Doug Choi – Canberra Australia

I would like to reveal a factual story which I personally witnessed to show how accurate Mariana’s reading is. It is about my mother who passed away June last year (2016) in Japan.  In one of many readings, about 6 years ago, Mariana told me that my mother would live to 93 years old, and that my late father, his parents and relatives were living together by the lake near their home town in … Read More


Hi Mariana, How are you? I just wanted to let you know you were right I did get an offer to work at a law firm yesterday! There is a role I want an lot more with a different company but not so sure I'll get it in time... But you were right, now is decision time! xx … Read More

S, Melbourne

Oh Mariana, what would I do without you and your insightful advice! Mariana has been a friend and advisor for 15 years! I can tell you so many stories that Mariana has gotten right, time and time again. It is so helpful to acknowledge the energies and forces that run below the surface before jumping into conclusion, or we risk making the wrong choices. She helps us all to see the bigger … Read More


Good morning Mariana, It was so lovely seeing you again on Sunday morning. I have woken today with an extremely positive, happy and motivational vibe surrounding me. The spring in my step is fabulous! I believe in myself and my new business idea even more so now. I was so excited when our session finished that I jumped up to phone my husband and forgot to give you a flyer of my current … Read More

R.R. Brisbane QLD

Healer you are! Thank you for your healing on Friday morning. It helped me profoundly on many levels. I found the book you suggested almost immediately after seeing you "Many lives, many masters" by Mr Weiss. You shifted something in me and gave me hope. Thank you. … Read More


Mariana said that within a few weeks someone would come into my life unexpectedly...Someone that I had loved in a previous life but we couldn't be together because of ranking...I had no one at that time... She said I was taken away in the middle of the night and stoned before we he got to say goodbye...I have since had a connection someone 3 weeks later...An American musician from New York...We … Read More

Prue, Bronte

It was great to meet with Mariana, she makes you feel like you're talking with friends. Her reading released a lot of inner energy built up by questions. Since my reading things predicted have occurred to various family members and I am grateful to have had this prior knowledge. … Read More

I. from Brisbane

Dear Mariana, Thank you for your readings. They are amazingly accurate. Events in past, present, future seem to emerge effortlessly before your eyes and they are all true. Everything you told me about my major life events for last year came true and timeline was very precise. I love having our conversations. Blessings … Read More