Excerpts from feedback forms at MBS Festivals 2015:

- Very accurate with specific detail - Many years ago Mariana told my sister she would marry. Her partner denied. She & her partner married 24/2/15 about 9-10 years after the reading :-). I'm now with the man Mariana said I would be. - Mariana is amazing!! Very accurate & inspiring. - I found Mariana wonderful. She was warm, accurate, succinct & to the point. Gave me peace of … Read More

Y. Vic

I met you twice before in Melbourne  and thanks to your reading and advice, my life has been wonderful since then. … Read More

Hi Mariana I saw you at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney and you gave me such an incredible reading! I just wanted to say thank you so very much. You spoke about an important appointment I have on a Thursday, which referred to a Mind/Body Doctor I see. when I told him about your reading, he was so interested in you! Thank you again, and I hope our paths may meet again. Regards, B.NSW … Read More

From Nicole – Vic

Hi Mariana,I have been thinking of you recently & of all of the amazing insight that you have shared with me.  I wanted to share some good news,  when we spoke last we discussed my son's journey with his ballet training, just as you told me, we were very tempted to accept an offer from another institution when a late offer came through for him to become full time at his current school. There … Read More

Mariana is very accurate

Mariana is very accurate and specific in her readings. I needed finance for a project and could not find any lender to help me. Mariana told me not to worry. She described the person that would lend me the money and the conversation l would have with him. She was spot on. Thank you Mariana for your insight and wisdom. You truly have an amazing gift. Xx N.O, Vic. Australia … Read More

Lost Ring

I had lost a precious ring, very dear to me, and didn't know whether it was lost forever or somewhere I just hadn't looked yet. I asked Mariana for help, she told me it was in the garden, not lost and would be found. Only a month later my mother in-law swept the leaves in the garden and found this beautiful ring in the mud. Thank you Mariana. Akiko, Melbourne … Read More

SZD from Fiji

Mariana, I do listen to your all your recordings (2 recordings plus  one where I took notes) all the time  and it's amazing the number of things you said that are coming true. You truly are been amazing. Things are slowly looking brighter too. … Read More

N. Melbourne

My dear Mariana, it is always a pleasure talking to you. You are an amazing role model, a strong woman that moves through life with grace and will. Love you very much. … Read More


My Dear Mariana, Wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day today. And a thrilling year ahead. You're an inspiration to all of us. Love your zest for life!! If i could live mine like yours, i would consider myself blessed! Keep spreading your love , wherever you go. You're a gem! Truly are.. Love you Lotssss!!! … Read More


What a lovely experience your reading was for me. It gave me a renewed sense of enthusiasm for working toward my goals, confirmation that my health issues would subside and a magical, mysterious feeling that anything is possible. My time spent with you was a lovely gift for my soul. You are a truly gorgeous lady Mariana. Thank you x Sharon NSW … Read More