Mr Rashid, Kashmir

Mariana is a true inspiration and has an honest approach to helping people get over rough stuff.
During our sessions with her she was able to help us uncover blocks that needed to be cleared in order for our future outcomes to get a comfortable forward perspective.
We left the last session feeling lighter, refreshed and with more clarity for our lives and our family business, especially in regards to our children.
Mariana is able to use the her tools to really help you dive into what you are focussing on but also working through it to be more creative in your life.
Her awareness, sensitivity and courage make her an outstanding coach. We have greatly benefitted from her sessions and thank her immensely for the time she keeps investing to help us out.
We personally know her for a number of years. Mariana Amar is a supportive teacher and a trustworthy confidant.
God Bless her
Mr Rashid, Kashmir.