Feedback from MindBodySpirit Festival Sydney- Melbourne-Brisbane 2018
  • I am a big fan of Mariana's, I love her, she's always great, happy & positive.
  • Mariana is very good, understanding, will always see her.
  • Mariana knew what I had been through & could see what was coming.
  • Inspirational & provided guidance for forthcoming events. Thank you! Simply the best!
  • Can not speak highly enough! I am a regular customer of Mariana's & will continue to be xx. Thank you!
  • Thank you! Had many readings with Mariana. Amazing as always :-)!! Absolutely amazing, insightful, deep human conversation, she gave us spot on comments & showed great understanding of psychology.
  • Mariana is very friendly. She doesn't hide any negative comments. Thanks Mariana.
  • Mariana was just beautiful. Thank you xo! (Jasmine). She’s awesome!!
  • Very positive advice. She gave me more confidence to try something new in my life.
  • I had a positive experience; it is always great to see Mariana.
  • Have seen her before. Mariana's great.
  • Will visit Mariana again next year :-)!
  • Delightful person who spoke with clarity & passion.
  • Mariana is wonderful & gave me a lot of clarity.