Doug Choi – Canberra Australia

I would like to reveal a factual story which I personally witnessed to show how accurate Mariana’s reading is. It is about my mother who passed away June last year (2016) in Japan.  In one of many readings, about 6 years ago, Mariana told me that my mother would live to 93 years old, and that my late father, his parents and relatives were living together by the lake near their home town in South Korea. I did not take it seriously at that time and almost forgot after that. Of course I did not tell anyone about this except my wife who was present when the Mariana’s session was made. However, an interesting fact was unfolded after that. It was about 4 years ago when I visited my mother who lived near Tokyo. At that time she was temporarily placed in an aged care facility. She told me, “Listen my son, in a dream I met my husband, or your father, and relatives. They are living together by the lake near their home.  Your father was saying to me, you would live to 93 years old.”  I was astounded to hear that, which was exactly what Mariana had said to me a few year earlier. Believe it or not, she lived exactly 93 years and two months since her gestation in her mother’s womb. I’ve been enjoying Mariana’s psychic readings for many years. I am amazed by her penetrating insight into our daily life and future, and its accuracy, as if she is watching us 24 hours a day!  Through my own personal experience in many encounters with deceased people, I firmly believe there is life after our crossing over. Thank you Mariana. Dong Choi Geologist Canberra, Australia