Cynthia, Sydney

Hi Mariana,
how are you? I  hope you are well.
Thank you for coming to visit last Sunday. I was so excited that you came to visit and enjoyed it very much.
I have good news, do you remember me telling you on Sunday about the interview that I was going to on Thursday? 
Anyway, it all went exactly as smoothly as you predicted. 
The lady was lovely. I was not nervous, nor anxious or stressed before the interview.
And as you  said, she has given me the space and permission to take her baby to the beach, park, library etc... once she will be more settled with me. 
Her husband is also very nice and  I even met his parents fromAmerica.  
You described the house as full of light, with windows all around. 
It is actually an apartment in T, very bright with windows all around and I think you can see the beach from the living room. It's a 5 min walk only. You said last year it would be a job close to where i work and my boss’ friend lives on the street that runs off to the street I work in!
I start working for he family in two weeks time which was also the time you predicted when I last saw you at the MBS fair. The work is for two days a week as you said and what I hoped for.
Now that I've filled in all my working days, I'm feeling much more confident and calmer about the future.
Thank you Mariana for your kindness, guidance and reassurance that all will be ok. 
Above all, thank you for being my friend and for being there when I needed help.
Till we meet again, take care and love always from Cynthia, Sydney.
March 2018