E, Australia

Dear Mariana Thank you for the advice. K's personality is big, you are so right about that. In a reading awhile back, you said that "A man wants to take you by the hand and take you places...and that the other man in my life was too boring for me"....K wants to take me to many places in my area where I haven’t been camping.... how interesting....wow, you are amazing Mariana with your … Read More

L.M Zurich

Mariana is a gentle and kind soul who I'm proud to now consider a friend. After my first reading, she was able to intuitively pin point all the key areas of my life. 6 months down the line all of Mariana's prediction came true and at the time frame she mentioned. Quite remarkable. She helped me not only establish what the real issues were at my place of employment but also how best to deal with … Read More

Feedback from MindBodySpirit Festival Sydney- Melbourne-Brisbane 2018 I am a big fan of Mariana's, I love her, she's always great, happy & positive. Mariana is very good, understanding, will always see her. Mariana knew what I had been through & could see what was coming. Inspirational & provided guidance for forthcoming events. Thank you! Simply the best! Can not … Read More

Sandra Z – Sydney

Mariana, la última vez que hablamos usted me dijo que Mark, mi esposo, iba a encontrar una casa en internet y que cue cuándo entrábamos en ella sabíamos que esa era la nuestra. Pues ayer fuimos a ver una casa muy cerca de la nuestra (como usted también dijo) y todo fue exactamente como la había descrito. La casa es hermosa y nos gusta mucho.Por eso no dejé de pensar en usted durante … Read More

Lorraine, London UK

Hi Mariana, I hope u r well...I wanted to message you to say when I had that first reading with you I walked away thinking none of what u said could possibly come true..none of it had any part of my current life... BUT everything u said came true apart from the fact that u saw me on the stage...To my mind that would never have happened as my fear of the stage was prevalent... Last night without … Read More

Sue C.C

Beautiful Mariana has been reading for me for around 15 years or so and never fails to leave me feeling so peaceful and full of wonderment. Always accurate but today's reading has left me amazed - no, more than amazed! Primarily, I focus on my personal relationships and rarely ask about my professional life. That was my intent today but before I could even ask the question Mariana told me how she … Read More

Cynthia, Sydney

Hi Mariana, how are you? I  hope you are well. Thank you for coming to visit last Sunday. I was so excited that you came to visit and enjoyed it very much. I have good news, do you remember me telling you on Sunday about the interview that I was going to on Thursday?  Anyway, it all went exactly as smoothly as you predicted.  The lady was lovely. I was not nervous, nor anxious or stressed … Read More

Excerpts from MindBodySpirit Festivals in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane 2017

Mariana is amazing! I would highly recommend & by far the best medium I have ever seen! Thank you. Fabulous reading, all spot on. Better than trip to doctor. Mariana is the biggest gift at the MBS. I’m a regular. Simply amazing! Highly recommended, I always look forward to readings with Mariana. Grateful xx. Interesting reading with very few cards used. Great to finally have a … Read More

Mr Rashid, Kashmir

Mariana is a true inspiration and has an honest approach to helping people get over rough stuff. During our sessions with her she was able to help us uncover blocks that needed to be cleared in order for our future outcomes to get a comfortable forward perspective. We left the last session feeling lighter, refreshed and with more clarity for our lives and our family business, especially in … Read More

Rouf R.John

Mariana is a rare find. We know her for the last ten years  when she visited our hotel “Swiss” in Srinagar first a decade ago. She combines old-fashioned professionalism with world class skill and sensitivity to create genuine results. In her sessions there is no airy-fairy mucking around, just good listening and deep understanding. Mariana is somehow able to read a problem accurately and … Read More