Tamara Healing

tamara healingTamara is the name of a healing energy which helps with recognising weaknesses that we may have and what we are lacking. It supports our efforts to work with these issues.

When used in healing, it stimulates our will to cure illness or heal wounds. It activates our power of spontaneous cure and strengthens resistance and immunity. It helps to relieve pain and promotes healing by supplementing each individual’s own power to heal.

When we wish to heal our hearts, it supports us on a deep vibrant level along with our love and consideration. As human beings we are born with a lot of potential. Tamara Healing assists with drawing out our unextended inner potential by motivating and inspiring it. In this way human beings develop individual strength with their own effort. Tamara supports the effort and improves your own natural abilities.

As human beings we are occasionally worried and depressed. Tamara can support us and give us new life force when we wish to recover. Human beings continue to grow through various life-experiences by being aware, with learning new skills, considering and practicing them. All this is part of life.

Tamara energy is made available to support life itself.


Noriko Tamara Kato