Reiki Healing – Pain relief, wellbeing, better health

reiki healer

Reiki is an ancient, natural way of healing by laying hands. The method helps to activate our own healing power. It is perfectly safe and simple to use. Reiki is soft yet powerful and lets you follow every step of the healing process. It balances body, mind and emotions.

Reiki works on the causes of discomfort and disease; it doesn’t mean to wipe out symptoms. The healing power of Reiki works more on your energies than on your physical body and can therefore touch different levels of your being.

Reiki balances the disharmony between discomfort and universal energy. The Reiki therapist helps to establish the link to the everlasting source of vital energy. Reiki means love and light. Reiki energy is dynamic and circulates permanently in our body.

The therapist stimulates this power and the Reiki is able to detoxify your organism of physical, mental and emotional toxins. These toxins are treated before being expelled. Natural healing occurs and will reinforce your state of health.

Origins of Reiki

  • Reiki was mentioned in holy Buddhist scriptures 2500 years ago and rediscovered by Dr Mikao Ushui, a Japanese monk.
  • REI means vital universal energy and KI or CHI means the shape the REI takes in our organisms.
  • Reiki is therefore based on spiritual values that exist in all civilisations.
  • Reiki is a support to traditional medicine it doesn’t replace it.