Working with Spirit

working-with-spiritI connect with Spirit naturally on an intuitive basis. I feel and hear voices, I see someone else’s feelings and thoughts. I translate these with honesty and integrity, regardless of a client’s wish that I say what he or she wants to hear. I use psychometry. Occasionally, I may work with cards, sometimes with numbers or colours, sometimes with Chinese horoscope animals as reference.

Mediumship is a process in which I contact souls for clients who wish to connect. This type of psychic reading can be beneficial with the grieving process. Sometimes, I receive messages from deceased loved ones or other guides spontaneously. I transmit all information I am given to my clients without exception. I focus on essence, not on interpretation as this is the client’s responsibility only. I don’t make someone’s mind up. I don’t judge. I always work to promote creative, positive attitude and love.

My aim is to assist my clients through my work. My wish is to enable clients to turn problems into potential solutions.

All my psychic work is intended as guidance only. I do not predict, nor tell fortune.