Coaching & Therapy

coaching2-211x300Coaching and Therapy: when active with seminars and workshops, I was regularly asked to conduct therapies for individuals, couples and families. This particular coaching has become a regular part of my work, which I have enjoyed immensely since 1991. The most important training I have received is without any doubt the work I have done on myself: my own therapy, the numerous workshops I have attended and the ones I have taught.

I have been a teacher for many years. Group work is very familiar to me. As a mother to four children I have learned that it is a challenge to be fair and just to everyone.

In coaching, I focus on change and acceptance of the fear that usually goes with change. My aim is to help my clients to accept that there is a price to pay for that change. I prepare a plan of action with all my clients and I make sure they approach their future in a positive and constructive way.

In a session we work on the clients’ present issues, analyse and prioritise them; then we work out what goal they want to achieve in the best interest of all people concerned. The client will go home with homework for the next session.

All contents of coaching sessions are strictly confidential.