March 2011

Dear Friends There is a sense of quickening, of a faster time now with events, disasters and climate changes occurring seemingly more rapidly. Certainly our awareness of such modified conditions is more acute than before and communication methods are more sophisticated. But could it be that we are in any way involved in these events? Do we have responsibility in them or do they “just” happen … Read More

February 2011

Sharing time with you is such a singular time for me every time. You know my standpoint on networking and acting as a team. If we are aware that we are not alone, we become more human. It is essential to think together rather than to be physically together at all times. We need our independence and we all lead individual lives; on the other hand, adjusting our thoughts, not necessarily copying … Read More

January 2011

Dear Friends My thoughts have been about togetherness, groups, debates and forums in the last few days. I wish to find more ways of interacting with new people, different committees and discussion groups. Good and bad relationships, as well as our emotions in regards to others are vital to our personal and public life. They are equally necessary to support our wellbeing and required for good … Read More

December 2010

I am very happy to write to you as 2010 comes to a close. I love finishing things and making space for what is to come. Getting ready for the new and unexpected is exciting, don’t you think so? The idea of being fresh and innovative again is a challenge and a good one! There are the unknown events of the future on the one hand and there is us going towards them with resolutions, wishes, hopes … Read More

November 2010

Dear Friends Today, I would like to talk to you about time and space. I am interested in our relationship with these. As you know, I dealt with a long time “out in the world” this year. The time for settling and getting into the swing with work activities again seems now short when I look back. How was it though? How was I with time? Was my experience uncomfortable, happy, stressful, relaxing … Read More