January 2012

Dear Friends, We are into the new year now. Is this an original year for us and do we challenge ourselves in new ways? How do we deal with change when it stands at our door? How do you deal with change? This is a good question to ponder frequently, and not only at the beginning of a new cycle. How do we interact with change though? Are we gentle with ourselves or do we criticize our intentions … Read More

December 2011

Dear Friends, I am happy to write to you again at the close of this year. I like cycles, endings, curves, and new beginnings. I love those moments when you can’t see what lies ahead and when you hardly know anything about the largely unpredictable outlook. I do hope it is the same for you. This time of the year often has excitement in the air; there is a dash of adventure and surely also this … Read More

November 2011

Dear friends, When we talk about movement, we may think of diverse topics like monetary funds, changes in governments, people’s whereabouts and so on. Movement is essential to life and it is a definition of life itself. You all know that without breathing we can barely live. Breath is also movement as is its component sound, so linked to our way of breathing. On the topic of breath, I suggest … Read More

October 2011

Dear Friends, It is a stormy afternoon here in Southeast Queensland today. As you know, storms happen everywhere and not only in weather. They occur in people; they arise in conversations. We see them in politics on our television screens or read about them in our Newspapers on a daily basis. Sport has also to do with wild actions: in Australia a well-known rugby team names itself Storm! Many of … Read More

September 2011

Dear Friends, It is taxing to be in different weather seasons within days. That is what has been happening to me in the last few weeks. Nonetheless, I enjoy it, I am challenged by it and I must deal with it. This is also quite an obvious rule when we travel. Patterns, colours, languages and temperatures change around us but they also do inside us. The inside part is the more difficult one to … Read More

August 2011

Dear Friends, I have been thinking about you and myself a lot in the last few weeks. I like letting my thoughts wander. I actually love thinking and waiting for my thoughts to reveal more clarity. Do you also have moments like these? The ways our thoughts have with us are fascinating: they hang around in our heads, waiting for us to get in tune with them and with ourselves. Is it important for … Read More

July 2011

Dear Friends, I have met many people in different countries over the last month. I have enjoyed their cultures, their different attitudes to life and their ways of making a living. I have listened, learned, enjoyed and loved my movements. Immersing myself in other cultures has been a diversion for many years now. I cannot imagine ever to tire from it. Is there anything more interesting than … Read More

June 2011

Dear Friends, Our life is about communication and contact. It is very often a matter of meeting others. What happens then? How do we connect? Do we reach out to others or do we check who is there and what they are doing? Our motivation can be curiosity or an inner desire to find out more in a person, a group or a community. And there is also the other aspect of communication: the listening. How … Read More

May 2011

Dear Friends, Action or inaction? Are we doers or onlookers? Are we sitting on the fence or jumping over the barrier? Sometimes it is difficult to decide what to do, which side to select and where to position ourselves; yet it is so important to have an opinion or a point of view. How do we go about defining ourselves and are we willing to do it? Can we be fair, just and frank within? If … Read More

April 2011

Dear Friends, “Yes we can”, “together we will achieve”, “the united country will not be defeated” and so on: we all remember similar slogans and they are certainly true, in part at least and when related to a given situation. Such statements appeal to our sense of community and to our will to live and function together. I think the controversy also starts exactly there. Do we want it … Read More