November 2010

Dear Friends

Today, I would like to talk to you about time and space. I am interested in our relationship with these. As you know, I dealt with a long time “out in the world” this year. The time for settling and getting into the swing with work activities again seems now short when I look back. How was it though? How was I with time? Was my experience uncomfortable, happy, stressful, relaxing or everything at once?

We have our words with the concept of time: time flies, time stands still, time is endless. I have heard all these descriptions of something called time. Time is always the same. Quite amusing, don’t you think? We put our feelings of a particular life situation into words that interpret time. We put feelings into time. We all know time doesn’t feel. Consequently we distort the reality to express our way of thinking and sensing. We do not always remember later that we altered the reality. It would be a good idea to remember at least that. You, like me, are fond of uniqueness. We love to be different, extravagant, inventive and matchless. Yes, of course, we are all exceptional. I try to work on my distinctiveness. It feels like writing and editing my profile on a continuous basis. To me it’s like looking at the mirror and assessing the changes, their shades. I love working with them rather than against them.

I have always thought that nothing was more fascinating than people. To observe how they think, talk, walk, act, love, dance, make fun and war can be quite a challenge. Look at them when they show themselves to us and how they do it, with disguise or without it! Human beings totally amaze me. They are my very favourite learning curve. I love most of them and wouldn’t want to live without them, no doubt whatsoever. The argument is about distance, isn’t it? How near can we be to others? How close should they come to us or how far should they go away? Let us meditate on our arrangements with distance between us and “others”, knowing that we are “others” to them!

Both time and space seem to change according to our emotional and rational analysis of a given event at a particular moment in time. I must admit that I love experimenting with both time and space. Have you ever tried to make your favourite walk longer by taking a few extra turns or by standing still and feeling the air? Have you cut corners in other, less attractive circumstances? Our attitude with time, our dealing with space is like building: we adjust, we do what we can and we love to do it our way. To feel good, we must be comfortable. We have learnt to push the walls and to shrink wide empty spaces with beautiful paintings, walls and curtains but above all with our inspiration. We all love to play and I think that is our sanity. To really let go and just be in the moment, in that space, alone or with others to have a good time is pleasant when we feel good. If we don’t we will change something, even if it means being liberal with time, by leaving early or with space by isolating ourselves in it.

I am in awe of how we can change as persons. I also admire our ability to change our world by expanding or shrinking it, by living our emotions and letting them guide us.

I talked to you about unconscious decisions in the last Newsletter; I realise I am promoting the unconscious life in us over the conscious one. I think I know why. The unconscious can show us the mirror of ourselves; we get a chance to see who we are rather than what we do.

Love and passion for life guide us in and out of time and spaces. We can be creative with space, with time and with us in them. So it’s playtime, fun time and time for us!
Thank you so much for being such inspiring companions. What would I have written without you?

I received two wonderful compliments today and I want to give gratitude:

  • Line, I thank you for the exquisite bread and for saying that I was funny
  • Wolf, I thank you for saying I had a generous mind
  • Merv, I thank you for looking after us
  • Kyoko, I thank you for spraying the heavenly light shower over and around me
  • Rhonda, I thank you for being my incredibly perceptive friend
  • Lucienne, I thank you for your wisdom of age and long life
  • Jeffrey, Lea, Sonia and Alex, I thank you for being strong individuals and my children
  • Zohara, I thank you for trusting me
  • Claudine and Constant, I thank you for your hospitality and for the fun and the hard times we shared
  • Fiona, I thank you for being the best webmaster in the world and my friend
  • All of you, who are reading, I thank you for many things I didn’t say this time.

As a story, I have chosen the following article, found on the world wide web: GOD IS OUTSIDE TIME AND SPACE, written by a young man in his thirties. The text debates time, space and God, of course.

This is a common counter-argument offered by the religious whenever God’s actions or state present problems of their own. For example, a logical objection to God being “always there” is that it presents an infinity. An infinity of time in this case. As it is impossible to traverse an infinity there is no way that God couldn’t have always existed and yet somehow arrived at the time when he chose to create the universe. I was recently presented with the “God is outside time and space” defence in a similar time related objection to God.

God being “outside time and space” presents problems of its own though. While there are potential problems with being non-spatial I don’t see them as being insurmountable (I encourage anyone who does see a serious problem with this to describe it) but being non-temporal causes an immediate and insurmountable problem.

If you are existent in a non-temporal state you must necessarily be static. Any change in state automatically invokes time. There would be a before state and an after state. Before and after of course are temporal terms. Time can be viewed as simply (change or an occurrence of change). This has serious implications for God. He would be entirely static and incapable of change. It would be exactly as though someone had pressed the pause button on God and so it would remain forever (ok it wouldn’t “remain” “forever” it would just be) 🙂

There are many instances in the bible that show God as being not only temporal but also not omniscient. In one instance, God is warming up his smiting arm but Moses talks him out of it. God’s actions were not predetermined. He didn’t know in advance that he wasn’t going to smite, it was Moses who convinced him not to. This clearly displays that God did not know the future. He is not omniscient and also just as much a subject of time (he changed his mind over time) as anyone else.

Exodus 32:11-14

Theists of course wear themselves out trying to find loopholes to squirm through and reason why the obvious implications aren’t so or that the completely straightforward narrative is not as it appears. When you can invent any justification you want without evidence for it, it is not possible to be shown to be wrong. You can always just tack on another property onto God. Nowhere in the bible is God described as “outside of space and time”. It is entirely an invention of theistic apologists. That is why this argument and all other arguments will fall on deaf ears. Were this objection about a god the theist in question did not believe in, they would happily accept the obvious logic. So is the nature of the human being!

As a picture, please look at the amazing STAIRCASE TO THE MOON, in Broome, W.A.


In love and light, time and space